• Each table has a story

    At IDECHA unique tables are created from solid wood.

    Unique because they are handmade in a family manufactory.

    They are made with respect and love by our experienced team.


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  • Write a new chapter for them…

    Each handmade table top has a special, unique pattern and structure.

    He is this feature that makes our solid wood tables.

    You are unique… just like you!


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  • We are excited to see them!

    The story of each of our handmade

    Tables start with… the wood.

    It determines its high quality and durability.


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We supply products
of the highest quality

At IDECHA there is no place for coincidences. The fact that we pay attention to the unique design of our tables is not everything. The quality of our products is our top priority. We do not cut corners, we do not do things by halves. All materials and components used in production are of the highest quality. We use only natural and noble materials such as solid wood and steel. How can we be so sure? Our experienced team carefully selects wood from the surrounding forests of the Roztocze Valley, which we process in our sawmill. We control the quality at every stage of production. We believe that in our designs you will see a passion for the tradition of craftsmanship, even for the art of handmade furniture.

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  • Unique
  • Custom furniture
  • Safely delivered to your doorstep

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