Wood cutting board

An indispensable part of any kitchen and dining room. The handmade solid wood board is an indispensable part of any kitchen interior.

Sturdy and waterproof to be used for many years. We are convinced that you will use it as a cutting board when preparing meals, as a design plate for serving delicious snacks, or as a decorative placemat for your kitchen countertop. There are no limits to your imagination and we are sure that you will have plenty of ideas on how to use it. At IDECHA, we focus on practical solutions and this square kitchen board is a good example of that. Trust us, this board will never be put aside 🙂

Product available on order

Length (cm)* 50
Width (cm)* 40
Thickness (cm)* 2
Wood structure*
Knots and cracks*


Time limit for completion: up to 2 weeks

Additional information


dąb, jesion

Table legs

białe, czarne, indywidualny kolor, złote


brak, lakierowanie, olejowanie

The structure of the wood

gładka, szczotkowana, szorstka

Knots and cracks

dużo, średnio, mało, brak


brak, czarna masa, dopasowane do odcieniu drewna, w odcieniu drewna