At IDECHA we like unusual solutions. We have designed a rectangular wooden bench with rounded edges. Everything seems fine, but that’s not enough for us. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t play with our design. So the saw went into action! And so the chips flew! We cut a solid wood top in half and shortened the legs on one table to create the effect of two heights… And that’s how the set of two coffee tables came to be. OK, we admit that this may not be quite the story of the project, but you’ll certainly like the result we achieved. Coffee tables do not have to be conservative and boring.

Experience how unique design can go hand in hand with minimalist lines. In this case, the unusual shape of the table tops is perfectly complemented by simple wooden legs. The rawness of the natural wood is emphasized by a precisely applied layer of hard oil wax. All in the spirit of freedom and comfort. This set of wooden coffee tables looks best together. The bottom leaf slides under the top one, creating a coherent composition that can’t be missed. However, we leave it up to you how to use these coffee tables – surely you have your ideas on how to arrange them.

Product available on order

Wood structure*
Knots and cracks*


Time limit for completion: up to 3 weeks

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dąb, jesion

Table legs

białe, czarne, indywidualny kolor, złote


brak, lakierowanie, olejowanie

The structure of the wood

gładka, szczotkowana

Knots and cracks

dużo, średnio, mało, brak


brak, czarna masa, dopasowane do odcieniu drewna, w odcieniu drewna